Smart sensor modules are combined using a Controller Area Network (CAN) to form the Aircraft-Integrated Meteorological Measurement System, or AIMMS-20, which delivers precise real-time meteorological data at rates up to 20Hz (temperature, humidity, wind). A minimum of four modules are combined to form an AIMMS-20 system: an Inertial Measurement Unit module (IMU) that delivers six degree-of-freedom rate data at 40Hz; a GPS Phase Module that processes satellite navigation signals from two antennas; an Air-Data-Probe (ADP) that measures temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and the aircraft-relative flow vector; and, a Central Processing Module (CPM) to process GPS data, inertial signals and air-data information that yield accurate wind data when combined.


  • Provides real-time measurement of the 3-dimensional wind vector with excellent frequency response
  • Provides temperature, humidity and pressure data
  • Includes output of high-precision aircraft attitude data (bank angle, pitch angle and true heading)
  • A fully integrated package with all components necessary for stand-alone operation to minimize the cost and complexities pertaining to installation and FAA certification
  • Full support for aerodynamic calibration to minimize the time and effort necessary to analyze flight-calibration data
  • Unrivalled price-performance ratio for airborne meteorological observation
  • Can be integrated with a host data system, or operated independently using internal FLASH memory to store information for post-flight transfer
  • Rugged construction with hermetically sealed sensor electronics for in-service reliability


  • Aerial application of pesticides
    • Wind data critical for monitoring off-target drift potential
    • Spray optimization (flight line offsets taking wind drift into account to improve spray targeting)
  • Weather observation in support of wild land fire operations
    • Fire weather forecasting
    • Prescribed burn management
    • Fire aviation support
  • Atmospheric observation for scientific research
    • Air quality
    • Atmospheric dynamics research
    • Cloud physics
    • Climate change (greenhouse gas fluxes, transport and chemistry)
  • Airborne observation
    • Wind data for analysis of LIDAR power line survey data
    • Environmental parameters to aid analysis of remote sensing data
    • Pollution transport studies



Operating Voltage: 12.5 - 37 VDC Input

Max. Operating Current: 900 mA @ 12.5 VDC

Digital Interfaces: Controller Area Network (CAN2A), 500 kbps

 RS-232 Serial Ports (default 19.2 kbps)



Air Data Probe (ADP): 3.36 kg (7.38 lbs.)

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU): 0.74 kg (1.63 lbs.)

GPS Module (GPS): 0.80 kg (1.76 lb)

Central Processing Module (CPM): 0.60 kg (1.32 lbs.)

Wind Speed Accuracy

Horizontal North and East Components:0.50 m/s (1.0 knot) @ 150 knot TAS

Vertical: 0.75 m/s (1.5 knot) @ 150 knot TAS


Accuracy: 0.30 C

Resolution: 0.01 C

Relative Humidity

Accuracy: 2.0%RH

Resolution: 0.1%RH

Broadcast / Log Update Rate: 1 - 10 Hz

Log Capacity: 45000 Records (12.5 hours @ 1 Hz)

Load and Vibration Monitor (LVM)

Three-Axis (X,Y,Z) Acceleration:

Range: +/- 7 g

Accuracy: 0.005 g

Internal Sampling Rate: 200 Hz

Digital Low Pass Frequency Range: 1 Hz - 40 Hz

Maximum Data Output Rate: 40 Hz


Operating Temperature: -20 C to 50 C

  -40 C to 50 C (available under special order)

Storage Temperature: -40 C to 90 C



Comparison Table

  AIMMS-20 AIMMS-20 AIMMS-20 PMS PMS Canister AIMMS-30 AIMMS-30 ARIM200 ARIM200 ARIM310 ARIM 310 ARIM320 ARIM 320
Pitot-Static Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AOA & AOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Static Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Humidity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wind Data* Yes Yes Yes no no Yes
Acceleration Yes Yes Yes Yes no Yes
Attitude Yes Yes Yes no no Yes
Anti-ice Heater Optional 150W Optional 350W no 250W 200W 200W
Environmental Heater 50W 200W no no 50W 50W
Pneumatic Purge no Yes no no no no
Interface CAN
Optional Touch Display Yes Yes Yes no no no
GPS Yes Yes Yes no no Yes
USB Optional add-on Optional add-on Built-in Optional add-on Optional add-on Optional add-on
Dimensions 1.5" dia. boom
24" long
9" long pylon
1.5" dia. boom
45" long
0.75" dia. boom
13" long
4.5" long pylon
1.5" dia. boom
24" long
0.75" dia. boom
4 x 4.5 x 2.25 in. enclosure
0.75" dia. boom
4 x 4.5 x 2.25 in. enclosure
Weight 3.2kg 5.5-6.5kg 1.08kg 1.9kg 0.75kg 0.845kg
Surface Finish Gold anodized/
TiN opt.
TiN coated & black anodized Gold anodized/
TiN opt.
TiN coated/
Anodizing opt.
TiN coated & black anodized TiN coated & black anodized
Mil-Standard no no no Yes Yes Yes
Availability In production In production In production In production In production In production

PS: Pitot-Static   |   AOA: Angle of Attack   |   AOS: Angle of Sideslip
* Wind data includes wind speed, wind direction, and vertical wind

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