Drift, deposit and efficacy of aerially applied sprays are affected significantly by ambient weather conditions, especially wind speed and wind direction. Accurate knowledge of these conditions at the time and location of spray application is vital to effective operations management. Fine-droplet ULV sprays commonly used in vector disease control and forest pest management exhibit higher drift potential. This can be managed using spray-line offsetting to maximize deposit inside block boundaries. Even with much larger droplets typical in agricultural sprays, the issue of "fines" remains at the tail-end of the droplet spectrum. Knowing the exact wind conditions at the time of application is essential to ensure such "fines" do not drift beyond the treatment area.

Real-time, precise airborne wind measurement using the AIMMS product-line from Aventech, coupled with real-time drift-management software in the cockpit, is the next major advance in the aerial-application industry.

See how the AIMMS system could benefit your next application project.

aimms20 aimms30

Comparison Table

  AIMMS-20 aimms20 AIMMS-30 aimms30
Pitot-Static Yes Yes
AOA & AOS Yes Yes
Static Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes
Humidity Yes Yes
Wind Data* Yes Yes
Acceleration Yes Yes
Attitude Yes Yes
Interface CAN
Optional Touch Display Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
USB Optional add-on Built-in
Dimensions 1.5" dia. boom
24" long
9" long pylon
0.75" dia. boom
13" long
4.5" long pylon
Weight 3.2kg 1.08kg
Surface Finish Gold anodized/
Gold anodized/
Availability In production In production

AOA: Angle of Attack | AOS: Angle of Sideslip
* Wind data includes wind speed, wind direction, and vertical wind