High-quality air data is essential to precisely control and manoeuvre a UAV in flight. The Flight Control Computer requires accurate knowledge of Altitude (Barometric Pressure), True Airspeed (TAS), Angle-of-Attack (AOA) and Angle-of-Sideslip (AOS). In addition, meteorological data, such as temperature, humidity, three-dimensional winds and turbulence, can be of benefit to many of the unique roles carried out by UAVs.

Aventech's M200 and M300 series probes deliver high-quality air, inertial and meteorological data for both small and large UAVs. The M series smart probes are qualified under various military test standards to ensure reliability and high performance for even the most demanding applications.

See how the M series of probes could benefit your new UAV design or operations.

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Comparison Table

  ARIM200 arim200 ARIM310 arim310 ARIM320 arim320
Pitot-Static Yes Yes Yes
AOA & AOS Yes Yes Yes
Static Yes Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes Yes
Humidity Yes Yes Yes
Wind Data* No No Yes
Acceleration Yes No Yes
Attitude No No Yes
Anti-ice Heater Yes Yes Yes
Interface CAN
GPS No No Yes
USB Optional add-on Optional add-on Optional add-on
Dimensions 1.5" dia. boom
24" long
0.75" dia. boom
4 x 4.5 x 2.25 in. enclosure
0.75" dia. boom
4 x 4.5 x 2.25 in. enclosure
Weight 1.9kg 0.75kg 0.845kg
Surface Finish TiN coated/
Anodizing opt.
TiN coated & black anodized TiN coated & black anodized
Mil-Standard Yes Yes Yes
Availability In production In production In production

AOA: Angle of Attack | AOS: Angle of Sideslip
* Wind data includes wind speed, wind direction, and vertical wind