Wildfire behavior is strongly influenced by the local meteorology. Temperature, humidity, the prevailing winds and atmospheric stability all play a critical role in whether a fire will blow up, how fast it will move and in what direction. As a result, knowledge of these conditions is critical in planning how to fight a fire, and above everything else, insure the safety of ground personnel. With better information, potentially dangerous situations could be avoided and damage to property minimized.

Surveillance and fire-fighting aircraft are almost always routinely deployed during most fire-fighting operations. These airborne platforms are ideal for monitoring the prevailing atmospheric conditions. Aventech's AIMMS (Aircraft Integrated Meteorological Measurement System) provides wildfire operations the ability to acquire continuous, high-accuracy meteorological information in the vicinity of the fire from these already present aircraft. Combining the AIMMS system with Aventech's Avstar real-time Satellite Tracking and Reporting system provides the additional ability to deliver this critical data to wildfire meteorologists deployed on-site.

See how Aventech's AIMMS system can benefit your wildfire operation.

aimms20 aimms30

Comparison Table

  AIMMS-20 aimms20 AIMMS-30 aimms30
Pitot-Static Yes Yes
AOA & AOS Yes Yes
Static Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes
Humidity Yes Yes
Wind Data* Yes Yes
Acceleration Yes Yes
Attitude Yes Yes
Interface CAN
Optional Touch Display Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
USB Optional add-on Built-in
Dimensions 1.5" dia. boom
24" long
9" long pylon
0.75" dia. boom
13" long
4.5" long pylon
Weight 3.2kg 1.08kg
Surface Finish Gold anodized/
Gold anodized/
Availability In production In production

AOA: Angle of Attack | AOS: Angle of Sideslip
* Wind data includes wind speed, wind direction, and vertical wind