The speed and mobility offered by aircraft make them ideal platforms for remote-sensing missions. For such missions, it is frequently beneficial to acquire primary environmental parameters, such as temperature and winds, in order to aid analysis and interpretation of the remote-sensing data. The AIMMS product line offers a cost-effective means of retrofitting existing aircraft to obtain environmental data in parallel with other remote-sensing signals.

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Comparison Table

  AIMMS-20aimms20 AIMMS-30aimms20
Pitot-Static Yes Yes
AOA & AOS Yes Yes
Static Yes Yes
Temperature Yes Yes
Humidity Yes Yes
Wind Data* Yes Yes
Acceleration Yes Yes
Attitude Yes Yes
Anti-ice Heater Optional 150W No
Interface CAN
Optional Touch Display Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
USB Optional add-on Built-in
Dimensions 1.5" dia. boom
24" long
9" long pylon
0.75" dia. boom
13" long
4.5" long pylon
Weight 3.2kg 1.08kg
Surface Finish Gold anodized/
TiN (Optional)
Gold anodized/
TiN (Optional)
Availability In production In production

AOA: Angle of Attack | AOS: Angle of Sideslip
* Wind data includes wind speed, wind direction, and vertical wind